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What really struck me about Kristen as a growth coach is her ability to dissect then re-frame issues in structured ways that felt entirely novel. The breakdown and re-framing of issues enabled unique perspectives that may have never occurred in the original context. These novel perspectives allowed me to not only effectively manage a fast-paced and challenging new role, but more importantly, provided much appreciated additional tools and techniques to better manage myself and grow on a personal level. I very much look forward to the prospect of working with Kristen again in the future!

COO, Software Company

Working with Kristen forced me to explore things outside what was comfortable for me. She pushed me to be proud of things that I had felt were ‘boasting’ or made me afraid I would put others off. She also got me to reframe things that were identified as [development] “opportunities” in ways that I could own and take more confident action to overcome. After our time together I feel more confident in myself and I got the career growth I was hoping for!

Marketing Leader, Corporate Retail

Working with Kristen has been an unforgettable experience! With her help I was able to develop the skills and tools needed to elevate myself to the next level. She helped me get out of my comfort zone and realize all the incredible things that are possible when you put your all into something. I can honestly say in my time with Kristen, I’ve watched my life transform in such a positive way and feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to work with such an amazing person.

Entrepreneur & Musician

Kristen is that right combination of sounding board, cheerleader and trainer and has provided a safe space for me to push myself to uncomfortable places.  Our time together has helped produce breakthrough learning and results that I would not have been able to achieve on my own.

Jessica, Merchandising

Through her curiosity, mindful listening and deep understanding of people, Kristen has helped me to discover the journey to live my life my more fully, outside the lines, and with greater richness both professionally and personally. We have spent time zeroing in on what is most important and the areas that move the needle the most, allowing me to be more effective across my life.
Kristen has an uncanny ability to help you re-frame, see the core issue and then realize the needed actions you've had within yourself. Today, I lead more fearlessly with heart, vulnerability and authenticity as a result of the work we have done together.

Amber, eCommerce Operations Strategy Director

Kristen created a welcoming and open environment that helped me organize my values and identify my priorities throughout the 6 months we worked together.  She was a wonderful and accountable backboard for my personal growth and I really appreciated her help!

Bio-technology Engineer, Roche

Working with Kristen has been an enlightening, authentic experience! Her positivity and kindness supported me in seeking greater fulfillment from my life and believing in myself.

Information Technology Intern, Sephora



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